Developed specifically for timber window installations, the Brio® 360 is a brass-bodied design that incorporates all the features of the larger 456 flush bolt. At just 110mm x 24mm in size, and only 9mm thick, the 360 is ideally suited to the smaller stiles of modern window designs. A 300mm long version is available for those hard to reach window applications. In round-top only, the 360 is simple to install, fitted to the sash by just two screws that pass through the centre of the body and shoot bolt. As with all Brio® flush bolts, a dedicated router is available to ensure
an exact fit.

With the same range of finishes as the 456 and locking options, the 360 offers complete flexibility and long-term performance.

For inward opening window applications the 360N offset version is available.

Min Sash thickness: 35mm
Flush Bolt lengths: 110mm and 300mm
Throw length: 20mm
Security: Locking and non-locking
Finishes: Satin Nickel (SN), PVD Brass (PVDB),
Application: Folding, Casement, Awning and
Sliding windows


PVD – Brass, Satin Nickel