Ezset Olympus Knobsets – 100OS Series

– Suitable for Residential and Light Commercial use
– Matching Single & Double Cylinder Deadbolts Available
– All Lock & Latch Sets have 60mm to 70mm Adjustable Backsets
– Door Preparation 54mm
– Door Thickness 35mm – 45mm

– Entrance Set (key/button)
– Passage Set
– Privacy Set
– Dummy Knobs
Combination Sets also available
– Entrance Set and Single Cylinder Deadbolt (Key/Button)
– Entrance Set and DOuble Cylinder Deadbolt (Key/Key)

– Stainless Steel


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Knobset Functions

Combination Set – Entrance and Key/Key Deadbolt, Combination Set – Entrance and Key/Turn Deadbolt, Dummy, Entrance Set – 127mm Backset – Key/Button, Entrance Set – Single (Key/Button), Passage Set, Privacy Set


Stainless Steel