• The 2615 has a very high efficiency of 70% – 80%
  • EN adjustable power from 1 to 5
  • Back check (BC) is adjustable
  • Adjustable hold-open can be set at any angle up to 120° of opening
  • Non-handed.
  • Suitable for left or right hand doors.
  • Formed metal cover
  • Cast aluminium body manufactured from high performance silicon alloy
  • CAM action mechanism
  • Pull side, push side and over-door mounting
  • Two pressure relief valves are a standard feature to protect against abuse
  • Adjustable delayed action
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latching speed

Standards and Compliance
The Lockwood 2616 series closer has been successfully tested up to four hours (depending on type of doorset) on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1:2005, Part: Fire Resistant Door sets. Note: Hold open option is not approved on any fire door.
Disabled Access Australian Standard (AS1428.1) Design for access and mobility.

Angled mounting Plate – Allows the side rail to be installed below the door jamb. Required when the face of the door jamb exceeds 25 mm from the face of the door in the closed position (2616-104SIL)

Hold Open Device – Adjustable hold-open force Max. hold-open angle -110° (The Closer only has the hold open function when this is fitted) (2616-152)

Opening Damper – Max. damping angle -110° Designed to brake the door before hitting the door stopper . Required for fire door applications. (2616-153)

Mounting Plate – For use on glazed doors with small top rail, this plate allows the closer to project below the top rail, at the same time concealing the back of the closer. (2616-180SIL)

Replacement Cover – (2616SIL-COVER) or (2616SSS-Cover)