Windsor Brass Contract Lever Handles on Plate furniture

The Contract range provides an easy, quick and cost-effective replacement hardware solution suitable for renovation projects and entry level new housing. The contemporary lever styles and brushed nickel or black finishes give a fresh look and feel to a door whether its covering existing marks or fitted to entirely new doors.

– 2 Plate sizes:
– 120 x 42mm (Levers only – 9015 and Passage Set 9017 which comprises a 9015 and a 1100 Latch)
– 152 x 42mm (Standard Keyhole – 9013 and Blank Plate – 9014)

Can be purchased as Levers only, Passage Sets or Locking Set

– 2 Finishes – Brushed Nickel and Black.

The contract series is designed for Interior Use only – If you need a similar handle for an exterior door – See Belmont Levers


Windsor Brass


Black, Brushed Nickel


Lever Set – 120mm x 42mm, Lever Set – 155mm x 42mm, Passage Set – 120mm x 42mm, Standard Keyhole – 155mm x 42mm (Lock Not included), Locking Set – 152mm x 42mm (includes 1108 Lock)